Thursday, May 9, 2013


SEGMENTUM NORTH  brings you its inaugural WH40K TOURNAMENT...

"Divide et Impera"

DATE: 14 Sept 2013

Sleep Inn Inn & Suites
2400 10th Street SW
Minot, North Dakota

FIELD -20 players maximum

-1500 point limit maximum, Standard FOC/ Allies
-Current Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Codex (any codex published after 1 Aug 2013 will not used)
-Models/units listed as “40k approved” in Forge World Imperial Armor books/publications
-All models/units must be "WYSIWYG"
-Models/units maybe proxied on a case by case basis (contact tournament organizers with pictures) but must be of similar size and readily identified as the unit/model they are proxied for and meet WYSIWYG requirements
-All models must be appropriately based (larger bases may be used but smaller bases MAY NOT be used)

3 Games featuring one of five scenarios on one of ten tables.
-Scenarios: TBD
-Special Rules: TBD
-Pre-defined terrain rules: To be announced.

-Online registration will open 1 June 2013.
--Registration fees will be collected via Paypal (a link will be posted 1 June)
 -$30 registration fee to participate (includes raffle tickets, entry fee for tournament and entry fee into painting competition)
 -Additionally players may purchase a ‘Re-roll’ die for $5, a custom Segmentum North die that allows you a single ‘re-roll’ once per game and that you get to keep.  Note:  Re-roll dice may not be used to "re-roll re-rolls". Reroll die will also be available for purchase day of the event during registration only.
-Registration fees are refundable on a case by case basis as determined by the tournament organizers.
-No proxy attendance allowed (example:  I registered but I am (suddenly) unable to attend so I send my friend Joe to take my place.)
-Registration day of the tournament is allowed (fee must be paid in cash) if there are slots available and on a  first come, first serve basis.

0900-1000 registration/check-in
1000-1200 game one/door prizes
1200-1330 lunch/paint judging
1330-1530 game two/door prizes
1600-1800 game three/door prizes
1830 Awards ceremony
2000 Dinner (optional social function) at TBD location.

Check-in will begin at at 9:00 am and end at 10:00 am.  Participants are expected to have their models/miniatures, 3 printed copies of their Army list and reference materials available to the judges for to review.

At check-in player will recieve their tickets for the door prize drawings and will be able to purchase additional tickets if they desire.  After registration/check in closes no additional tickets can be purchased.

Door prizes will be drawn for in between games. 

Awards Ceremony will be held at 6:30 pm. 


EMPEROR'S CHAMPION:  Emperor's Champion Award goes to the overall tournament champion and will be bestowed upon the player with the highest number of victory points (VPs) earned (total of WARLORD, PAINTING COMPETITION, and ADMINISTRATION).

Scoring: 40 Victory Points (VPs) (maximum)
-30 VPs WARLORD (max)
-5 VPs PAINT (max)

WARLORD:  Warlord Awards goes to the top three players with the highest number of victory points earned during game play.  The player with the highest number of game play VPs will earn the Warlord trophy, the second highest will earn the Chieftain trophy and the third highest will earn the Lietenant Trophy.

Victory Points (30 VP maximum)
-Up to 10 VP are awarded per game for completing game objectives.
-Both players will recieve a 1 VP PENALTY for each turn not completed in a game before turn 4 (i.e. -1 VP for only completing turn 3, -2 VP for only completing turn 2, etc.) unless one player concedes the game played or one player has all models on the game board eliminated prior to turn 4.
-Any player fielding 'unpainted' models in a game recieves a 1 VP PENALTY.
--players may field armies of less than 1500 pts to avoid the 'unpainted models' penalty
--tournament judgeshave discretion to define what is a ‘unpainted' model
-'unreferenced' models may NOT be used in game play (see Reference Materials defined below)
--players may field armies of less than 1500 pts un game play.

PAINTING COMPETITION:  Painting competition will have three categories:  Best Army, Best Unit, Best Model.  Trophies will be awarded for each of the categories.  All registered player are automaticall entered into the painting competition and will earn VPs      

Victory Points (5 VPs maximum, one winner per category)
+3 VPs for 'best painted' army
+2 VPs for 'best painted' unit/single model
+1 VP for having a completely painted army

Victory Points (5 VPs maximum)
+2 VPs for early registration
--no VPs will be awarded for registration after 30 August 2013.
+2 VPs awarded for presenting 3 printed army lists
--printed army lists defined as list detailing unit, wargear, USRs, and point costs of models/units in the army being fielded
-1 VP PENALTY for not having a printed army list at time of registration
+1 VP awarded for having needed Reference materials
--"Reference materials" is defined as print or digital versions of the Wh40K rulebook, GW codex, and IA books and/or copies of FW unit data sheets as needed (ipads/tablets ok! no cell phones!)
-'unreferenced' models/units may be played in tournament


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Upper right hand corner of this page....the paypal links. One is for the tournament the other is for the re-roll die.