Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nuclear Winter registration is open-------->

The annual Nuclear Winter is sponsored by Force of Habit Hobby Shop.

The Rules....
1.  This tournament will follow grand tournament format. 
2. Standard 1850 army list.  Standard Codex and supplement armies (No Forge World units, forge world count as units are fine Example Death Corp fielded IG.)
3. Each player will play three games using rule book scenarios (TBD).
4. Each player must provide 3 typed copies of their army list.
5. Scoring will be done using W/L/T.  Victory will be used to break a tie.  Players will also be scored on sportsmanship and army painting.
6.  Prizes will be given out for first, second, third and best painted army.  We will have Swag!
7. Reroll dice may be purchased at the door.

More to come before the end of the week.

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